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Block unwanted calls and SMS spams
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Make it easier to input and operate text
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Aug 13, 2010
MagiCall  2.3.3
New version released with new features. View changes

Oct 9, 2007
MagiKB Lite  1.1
Supports more devices.
New features added.

June 22, 2007
HookMgr  1.0
Initial version released!


MagiCall  (For both PocketPC phone and Smartphone)

Current Version: 2.3.3
Release Date: Aug 13, 2010
Download size: 212 KB ~ 533 KB
Restriction: 10-day trial
Requirements: Windows Mobile 2003SE
Windows Mobile 5
Windows Mobile 6
Windows Mobile 6.1
Windows Mobile 6.5
Only USD 24.95
+ Free upgrades for one year
+ 30-day money back
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MagiCall is

a smart, rule based filter software for SMS filtering and dual-way calls filtering.
It gives you the ability to block unwanted callers with SMS replies. It can also add prefixes automatically in front of the original called numbers or hang them up depending on your settings. In addition, you can take control of incoming SMS and more!

Rule List Window Time Schedule Log Item
Rule List Window Time Schedule Log Item

Key Features

  • Missed calls filtering
  • Supports regular expressions
  • Bidirectional calls filtering
  • Automatically uses calling card
  • SMS messages filtering
  • Filters by appointments
  • Filters by numbers
  • Filters by Contacts/Unknown callers
  • Filters by Outlook Categories
  • Filters by SMS contents
  • Filters by SMS sender's name
  • Reply SMS to caller

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Reviews & Awards:

Winner 2008 Winner 2007

Great product:   « This product was an answer to my prayers. I purchased it for my PPC-6700 phone. It has come in handy because not only do I enable blocked call/txt from a particular individual, but I also can stop no number calls from others who are bugging me as well. I know now that when my phone rings/vibrates, its because the caller is someone I want to talk to. Excellent product! »

The answer to my prayers:   « I could not stop SMS messages from an annoying individual without shutting off SMS service to my cell phone. I installed this program on my Treo 750 and it was a quick and easy setup. It is about time a program like this was developed. »

« I bought this software last week. I love this software!!! It's great to not be bothered by certain people or to send a message when you're tied up in meetings, etc. I'm still learning how to use all features, but it's been a sweet tool to use! »

« I had bought program that can blocked sms and phones but this one is a magic that can do more than just blocking, I had tried it and find it very useful. You can think of many ways of doing things in your pocket pc phone with this software. People will either impressed or get mad, because they get confused and get exciting too. Just say you wanted to impress your friend with its capability of turning application on without touching it, or when many people like to borrow your phone, and suddenly, they just stopped borrowing... Believe me, once you start and you just won't stop. I'm getting it now for sure. »

« This program works great! Just as described. I love the fact that it can pickup calls and hang them up without interrupting you... »


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