Inspiring Ideas of DIY Bathroom Vanity

Inspiring Ideas of DIY Bathroom Vanity

What about decorating your bathroom more interesting through the vanity? Yes, it is DIY bathroom vanity. Today we will share some ideas of how to decorate it interestingly and make your house more decorative. The ideas are easy to apply. Somehow, it helps you to make your interior lovelier. The materials and equipment used to beautify it is also easy to find. You might recycle old materials you found in the garage, too. Let’s see what you can make!

DIY Bathroom Vanity Ideas

Let’s take a pot of plant or two we planted outside. This will be able to freshen up your bathroom area. By placing the potted plants on the vanity top creatively and decoratively, your bathroom will look definitely refreshing and decorative. Further, you can also insert flowers with some combinations of colors so it beautifies your bathroom vanity. The DIY bathroom vanity with natural touches naturalizes the room sophisticatedly. Not to mention, many people love to use this accessory to adorn bathroom.

The idea of DIY bathroom vanity you can do next is installing the unique and mirror. Either frameless or framed mirror will be OK. This will be more entertaining if the mirror is framed with decorative frame design. It can be made from shells or the other unconventional materials. Round mirror is one of the most favorite mirror designs which are recommended.

DIY bathroom vanity which is styled in floating concept might have no drawer or storage. Don’t worry about that for you can utilize containers or boxes underneath. The boxes and containers can be used to insert toiletries orderly. Moreover, if you use unique containers such as wicker or colorful containers, your bathroom would be so awesome. To complete the ideas, we also equip this post with DIY bathroom vanity pictures. It is helpful to ease you decorating the room.

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